Sharon Lask Munson is an award-winning Oregon poet.   Her work is widely published in many anthologies and journals.  Her most recent publications include the journals Frogpond, Indian River Review, Edge, Earth’s Daughters, Third Wednesday, Blood and Thunder, Cirque, and the anthologies, Wine, Cheese and Chocolate (Manzania Writers) The Knotted Bond (Uttered Chao Press), Seek It, Writers and Artists Do Sleep (Red Claw Press) and Forgetting Home (Barefoot Muse Press).

Sharon's most recent collection of Jewish themed poems, Braiding Lives, was a finalist in the 2013 Poetica Magazine annual chapbook contest.


Just published:

"Braiding Lives celebrates the moments that make life luminous. Sharon Lask Munson’s language renders the transformations of life into art, the moments that make life beautiful. Sharon’s poems have a generous helping of her family history, food that will make you hungry, and early years filled with great tenderness. Sharon’s own words describe her poetry best: “Order up Laughter. / Let the stories be tender, the poetry loving.” Her poems anoint you with vision and grace."

Diane Frank, Author of Swan Light
and Yoga of the Impossible

"Like her Detroit neighbor, Philip Levine, Sharon Lask Munson speaks from the heart of the American Jewish experience. The poems take us on a journey from “a small Georgia town / “He heard a voice calling, Landsman?” to Jerusalem, Germany, Russia, Brooklyn. Throughout these pages are woven the strands of lineage, of family, of community, of “The Whole Mishpocha.” Munson perfectly expresses the delicate yet powerful double-hold that continuity and change exert in Braiding Lives."

— Toni Hanner, Author of Gertrude
and The Raveling Braid

Featured poem:


Mostly, she talks. I listen.
Her voice, the music of my childhood—
the pitch, the cadence, all Aunt Bessie.
We talk about
Mollie’s temper, Harold’s triumphs,
Norman’s business failures
and whatever happened to
cousin Mildred’s daughter,
the middle one who went to Stanford
and showed such promise.

She tells me to buy canned tuna
in olive oil at Trader Joe’s.
She tells me to stop spreading with schmaltz;
it will kill me.
She tells me on Christmas Day
all the Jews in Philly
will be dining in Chinese restaurants.
At ninety, she’s a regular Fanny Brice.

After I’m dead, she tells me,
Sheldon will get a real job.
Ruthie will meet someone and remarry.
Call and let me know.

Braiding Lives

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