Sharon Lask Munson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  She was educated at Michigan State University and Wayne State University.  After college, with an eye on travel, Sharon taught five years overseas for the Department of Defense in England, Germany, Okinawa, and Puerto Rico.  Following overseas teaching, she drove up the Alcan Highway to Anchorage, Alaska where she put down new roots, taught school, married, and lived for the next twenty years.  She is now retired and lives with her husband, Keith, in Eugene, Oregon

Sharon is active in Lane Literary Guild as well as Oregon Poetry association. She is a member of the 1st and 3rd poets. She is past co-chairman of the Eugene chapter of the OPA Springfield Library poetry readings.  She takes part in Poets in the Schools.  She is part of the Oregon Poetic Voices produced by Lewis and Clark College.

Sharon says poetry is the means by which we can keep and share our memories, observations, and reflections. She writes every day, her desk overlooking tall oaks in the front yard.  She carries a pen and small notebook with her everywhere. After she puts down the first line, the rest flows. She enjoys using the narrative voice..


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